Sunday, May 27, 2012

Excel – Insert Date and Filename for Future Reference

Do you have the experience you have the hard time to find the original Excel spreadsheet they use when you review your coworker’s print out work? Or there are several files having similar name and you could not figure out which one is the right one.

It is very important to have date and filename showing in the print out version.

One thing we can do using Page Setup in the Print Preview. Either Custom Header or Custom Footer allow us to insert time and file path, file name and sheet name.

However, I prefer to use the formula.

NOW() displays the current date and time. The value updates when the excel sheet is reopened.

CELL("filename") display the full path including file path, file name and sheet name.

 Nearly all of my work has these two formulas in it.

When we review the printed out in the file, there are no problem to know when the work is done and where it is saved.

One more handy thing to do is to insert the current date so we know when is the last time the excel sheet is modified.

In the cell you want to save the date, press Ctrl + ;

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